URBAN MENUS is a project of the Competence Center for Smart Urban Design:
Laura P. Spinadel with her multimedia, architecture and landscape planning companies BOA GmbH and BUSarchitektur ZT GmbH
akaryon GmbH responsible for backend informatics and sustainability assessment

Schulgasse 36/2/1 – 1180 Wien, Austria
Tel: +43 1 403 87 57 – 0
Fax: +43 1 403 87 57 14

Business executive: Dr. Mag. Arch. Arq. Laura P. Spinadel

Supervisory Authority:
ANKÖ Auftragsnehmerregister der Republik Österreich
Magistratische Bezirksamt des XVIII. Bezirkes in Wien
Additional Supervisors: kwv Kreditschutzverband

Legal instructions:
Ziviltechnikergesetz der Republik Österreich as an architect
Austrian commercial law for Multimedia, Photografie, Ausstellungsgestaltung

Commercial register:
Handelsgericht Wien
ANKÖ 17.588 (Spinadel) – FN 351442 b (BOA) – FN 319716 x (BUS)

ATU63071589 (Spinadel) – ATU66005477 (BOA) – ATU64591677 (BUS)

Member of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
KUR von Spinadel Laura Mag.: R024F996L
(FG: Film- und Musikwirtschaft LI: Berufsfotografen; Berufsfotografen, Ausstellungsgestaltung, Multimedia) and Kammer der Architekten und Ingenieurkonsulenten für Wien

Bank Details: Bank Austria – UniCredit Group
IBAN: AT88 1200 0516 0200 0971

Duty to Disclosure

Line of Business: Information about the URBAN MENUS TOOL
Tendency: Support, Training, Consulting, Cooperation

Media Owner:
Dr. Mag. Arch. Arq. Laura P. Spinadel
Schulgasse 36/2/1 – 1190 Wien – Austria
BOA GmbH (same address as Laura P. Spinadel)
Owner-manager of BUSarchitektur ZT GmbH und von BOA GmbH:
Dr. Mag. Arch. Arq. Laura P. Spinadel
Publisher, registered at
Hauptverband des Oesterreichischen Buchhandels
Nr.: 241963 (same address as BOA GmbH)

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