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happiness happiness well-being in everyday life or a specific place
safety safety sense of security in a place
profitability profitability costs and economic potentials over the entire life cycle
innovation innovation novelty, discovery & tapping potentials
circularity circularity conservation of the planet’s natural resources
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creating smart cities that benefit everyone

LALI is a well-established collective that creates a common ground for discourse and action where answers and solutions to a social and environmental crisis are proposed.
Thanks to dynamic light control, lixtec always provides standard-compliant lighting when it is needed. If a street is empty, the light is dimmed down to a lower level. As soon as moving people or vehicles are detected, the light is dimmed up.
Meine Blumenwiese plants and revitalize flower meadows together with nature conservation organizations to strengthen the regional flora and fauna.
Velovio’s goal is to improve cycling infrastructure by providing cities and companies with space-saving and bespoke bike parking solutions with a functional and attractive design.
RemiHub, is investigating whether and how public spaces can be used as city hubs for sustainable parcel logistics.
SwearIT provides a service to back up product claims via blockchain technology. Target groups are both the private as well as the public sector.