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happiness happiness well-being in everyday life or a specific place
safety safety sense of security in a place
profitability profitability costs and economic potentials over the entire life cycle
innovation innovation novelty, discovery & tapping potentials
circularity circularity conservation of the planet’s natural resources
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creating smart cities that benefit everyone

Shaping the future of transportation: ottobahn is engineering an emission-free and fully autonomous transportation system above today’s traffic.
Sponge City for Urban Trees is a concept that – using local materials – seeks to ensure a subsoil structure in streets that is conducive to the growth of healthy trees. Trees are not only fundamental to the city’s blue-green infrastructure but are also key to addressing climate change. is the European network for energy cooperatives that connects citizens to work together for a future with cleaner energy. All citizens are invited to participate and to take action as a community, such as investing in renewable energy installations and energy efficiency measures.
The Breeze Environmental Intelligence Cloud allows real-time analysis of urban air quality data. Breeze small-scale air quality sensors can measure common pollutants such as carbon and nitrogen oxides, ozone, particulate matter and many more.
BeRTA green façade modules enable a broad use of vertical greening in existing urban buildings. BeRTA is an all-in-one package that guides you in three steps through the entire planning and coordination process from the initial idea to the finished green façade.