smart service | august 2021

creating energy as a community is the European network for energy cooperatives that connects citizens to work together for a future with cleaner energy. All citizens are invited to participate and to take action as a community, such as investing in renewable energy installations and energy efficiency measures.

A participatory approach and the sense of being part of a community are fundamental for the success of energy cooperatives. provides the necessary tools to successfully complete such citizens’ energy projects. From community coaching to a toolbox providing guidance, makes sure that everyone involved gets the support they need in each step of the way.

Status & Application: is active EU-wide, with over 1.900 ongoing energy cooperatives.


Characterization along 5 societal goals: Happiness, Safety, Innovation, Profitability, and Circularity.

The graph below shows for which of these themes the product is mainly relevant on a societal level. Some products are more specialized, while others may be covering all topics equally. The results are based on a self-evaluation questionnaire that was developed by URBAN MENUS and filled in by the products or services themselves.

Below is an explanation of how the product or service may contribute to the 5 themes, based on the information provided by the solutions in the onboarding process as well as research by the URBAN MENUS team.

For more details about the analysis and the 5 main themes, please click here.


Energy communities can contribute to happiness by giving their members the opportunity to be part of an active community and to be empowered to decide on this community’s future together.


Energy communities can increase people’s general feeling of safety in a city, for example, due to an increased sense of community and belonging. In some examples, energy communities have contributed to the setting up of sustainable street lighting.


Energy communities aim to improve the sustainability of the energy system in an innovative way, by giving citizens ownership, strengthening local economies, and creating new job opportunities. In addition, they engage in innovative technologies such as blockchain, demand-response, virtual power plants, and more.


Energy communities have the potential to provide high returns to their local community. They can contribute to the creation of new jobs as well as the development of new labour sectors in a community.


As Energy communities focus on renewables, they support in reaching climate goals. They raise awareness among their members about the topic of energy – this not only includes renewable energy production but also the importance of reducing consumption. Overall, this can help to promote a circular economy.