smart service | august 2021

transparency for all users


SwearIT provides a service to back up product claims via blockchain technology. Target groups are both the private as well as the public sector.

The aim is to expose the life cycle of a product or service by providing evidence in blockchain and increasing transparency so that the consumer or contributor can understand it better.

For example, the technology can be used to show when a public transport vehicle was last cleaned and checked or demonstrate and raise awareness of the cost of management and execution of public services (garbage, public works, jobs. etc).

Status & Application:
Ready-for-market; SwearIT is currently in use in Spain.


Characterization along 5 societal goals: Happiness, Safety, Innovation, Profitability, and Circularity.

The graph below shows for which of these themes the product is mainly relevant on a societal level. Some products are more specialized, while others may be covering all topics equally. The results are based on a self-evaluation questionnaire that was developed by URBAN MENUS and filled in by the products or services themselves.

Below is an explanation of how the product or service may contribute to the 5 themes, based on the information provided by the solutions in the onboarding process as well as research by the URBAN MENUS team.

For more details about the analysis and the 5 main themes, please click here.


The tool can contribute to happiness by involving citizens in processes that affect them – it is providing knowledge about their environment, enabling them to make choices accordingly.


The tool can be used to demonstrate safety processes and compliance with protocols, for instance during the COVID-19 pandemic, in this sense potentially contributing to a sense of security.  Other factors of safety in a city, such as feelings of safety at night, orientation, etc. are not addressed, however, as this is not the focus of the service.


The tool can support in ensuring that investments arrive where they are The tool can support in ensuring that investments arrive where they are intended to, for instance when it comes to donations or government investments.


The tool can contribute to education, by providing citizens with information about their environment. Tourism and transportation may be promoted through the provision of evidence that services provide security in their use or consumption.


Showing the life cycle of a product can raise awareness of the benefits of a circular economy and encourage manufacturers and consumers to pay more attention to sustainability in their daily decisions.