Meine Blumenwiese

smart service | august 2021

a blooming future

Meine Blumenwiese plants and revitalizes flower meadows together with nature conservation organizations to strengthen the regional flora and fauna.

The meadows can have a variety of positive impacts, from enhanced biodiversity, contribution to cleaner groundwater to a reduction of CO2 emissions.

With Meine Blumenwiese companies have the opportunity to make environmental protection visible. An example of a use case is solar energy companies, that can plant biodiverse flower meadows under their solar panels with the support of Meine Blumenwiese.

Status & Application:
Ready-for-market; Flower meadows from Meine Blumenwiese exist in Austria.


Characterization along 5 societal goals: Happiness, Safety, Innovation, Profitability, and Circularity.

The graph below shows for which of these themes the product is mainly relevant on a societal level. Some products are more specialized, while others may be covering all topics equally. The results are based on a self-evaluation questionnaire that was developed by URBAN MENUS and filled in by the products or services themselves.

Below is an explanation of how the product or service may contribute to the 5 themes, based on the information provided by the solutions in the onboarding process as well as research by the URBAN MENUS team.

For more details about the analysis and the 5 main themes, please click here.


Flower meadows can contribute to happiness thanks to the calming and decelerating effect of nature. Beneficial outcomes are the improvement of the overall appearance of a neighbourhood and the creation of outdoor spaces where people enjoy spending their time.


The greenery that is in a well-tended state can improve the overall impression of a neighbourhood, that way flower meadows may contribute to an overall feeling of safety.


Biodiverse flower meadows can have a major positive economic impact due to increased pollination, which in turn has a positive impact on crop yields.


Meine Blumenwiese provides geodata for every square meter planted as well as an online news blog about each area, therefore contributing to education about biodiversity.


Flower meadows can contribute to circularity in many ways, such as by enhancing biodiversity, reducing climate change impacts, and positively affecting water cycles.